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Chinese dragon partial by Crystumes Chinese dragon partial by Crystumes
He's been listed on Dealers Den on bid starting at $1400 ^_^ with a buyout! no bids yet. I'm happy to sell him at $1400 flat! go bid!…

SO. This guy was actually a suit made for my boyfriend/ assistant before BLFC. he wore it a little. and since I've remade brand new gloves, washed the armsleeves. fixed up the tail , added new padding entirely in the head, adjusted teeth, added puff paint scale details and some other small finishing touches :)

We're not getting much use out of him, and we really need any funds we can get. so we're putting him up for sale!

~can fit up to 24 inch snugly! 23 inch preferred. less would need a little more padding and tighter straps but is possible.
~built off of a phazonalloy old canine base, with foam work and my own hinges!
~teeth are custom sculpt 100%
~pointed silicone tongue
~hand sculpt antler horns , very light!
~moving jaw

~10 inches from wrist to end of glove.
~12 inches around base of glove
~8 inches around wrist
~has some padding in the tips of the fingers. will fit all sorts of hand sizes! fits my boyfriend's larger man hands and also my smaller hands!

(I can adjust the gloves to be tighter if need be!

~48 inches long roughly
~elastic belt loops
TheMrMinish Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2016
Not a fan of partial fursuits but had to say, this one looks great + never seen Chinese Dragon fursuit yet so far. Horns could be a bit longer and thicker but shouldn't be problem. Makes a good combination with this shirt, would appreciate Kimono on this and katana (doesn't need to be realistic) to look badass :D

And just one question: How did you make tail levitate likes this?
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